Paediatrics and Child Health

The doctors consulting at Compass Immunology Clinics are all independent practitioners. They choose to work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and support between each other to ensure they are providing you with the best possible care.

The best care for infants and children

At Compass Immunology, we are aware of the indelible importance of health in the early years to life to alter the decades that follow. For that reason, we strive to ensure rapid, personalised and effective healthcare to infants and young children to ensure they are able to meet their best potential.

Our Paediatrics and Child Health services are provided by:

Paediatric GP Allergist

Paediatric Immunologist

Paediatric GP Allergist

GP Allergist

General Practitioner

GP Allergist

Paediatric Immunologist and Allergist

Our paediatric service services are complemented by our child and family friendly clinic, Compass Kids,  at 1 Daisy St Grange 4051

This clinic is designed to create a warm nurturing place for children to enjoy visiting.

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